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I did not expect that I will keep booking an East London escorts since I get addicted to their certain style and aura about them that makes them irresistible. I am not familiar with them until I heard a lot from them in my co-workmates, all are positive feedbacks. Well, in fact, when I was a kid, I already heard about them, but I am not interested. Not just like now that I can book an East London escorts.

I am a business owner, and for sure my life is busy and been pressured with many things. I seldom go out because of my hectic schedules and non-stop meetings for the good of our company. As much as I want to make time for myself, I got a hard time to it because I am a workaholic person that there are nights I can’t go to sleep thinking of my business.

I am traumatized of my life before, a hard and miserable one. I have been in lots of struggles and difficulties throughout my life, and I cannot see myself again back to it.  Many times I feel so small, my friends in school having a good experience while I suffer most of my early age. My parents belong to a low-income family, and both of them had not finished college. We know how people treated the poor ones, and I am saddened because I experienced the brutality and harsh.

There are times I was neglected by the people when I asked for help, and its one of the most painful moment when you need someone but no one offer help. Perhaps, if I was a rich and wealthy man, people will recognize me and help me with my problems, because of that’s what I see in the real world. And that is how much I want to change the world. I hope people could have the same treatments; everyone deserves respect and help from each other. But sometimes, poor ones are prone to rejection. One time, when my mom was on the pharmacy and having her priority number when a wealthy old lady came without picking a priority number and immediately entertain, supposedly it was my mom turn when the pharmacist told us that I should wait because she is considering a valuable customer.

We see the unfair treatment; just because my mom wears dirty and old clothes, she did not serve immediately. It happens to anyone, and that is why I dare to finish college and let my family experienced things that were denied to all of us. My parents do not support me in working at the young age, I know they do not like it too and not their intention to suffer as much. And I can see how much they love us to the point that they will have overtime in a little wage. I pity much on them; they do not deserve to work full time because of their age. And they were so tired working most of their life. Being a student and a crew together is hard, I have to double the time to study and make my work fast. I want to finish study no matter how much difficult life is, I always believe that when you are determined on a certain things nothing is impossible to do. Everything will work out in the end, and you have nothing to worry about as long as God wake you up.

There is no most accessible way to reach your dreams, each and one of us have to undergo a lot in life. Just like me, I have proved that through hard work and determination in life, you can always aim your goals and dreams in life. And because of it, I became an owner of one of the shoe businesses here in East London, and sometimes I am exhausted for too much work. Until I remember about East London escorts which are very lovely and their beautiful face allure me. They have this aura that you can’t forget everytime you book them. East London escorts have a certain style and aura about them that makes them irresistible